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Agusta A09 Power Helicopters for Sale

2005 Agusta Power   |   353hrs   |   Sale Price: €3.3m                                                              Ref: CH00541

2005 A109 Power for Sale

Reduced price as the buyer requires a quick sale due to an upgrade. Low hours, based in Europe we will expect a quick sale

No damage history - offers accepted


205 A109 Agusta Power for Sale

2008 Agusta Power   |   442hrs   |   Sale Price: €3.8m Euros                                                   Ref: CH00620

Power for Sale

This 2008 Agusta Power, has a leather red interior with air conditioning unit, metallic blue exterior with a white and reds strips. Kept in good condition with low hours 


Power Interior

2006 Agusta Power   |   600hrs   |   Sale Price: €3.2m Euros                                                   Ref: CH00573

AgustaPower2006 for Sale

This Agusta Power has a striking exterior paintwork that is quite unique, Owner keen to sell due to him upgrading to the Agusta Grand - Aircraft available from December 2010 although he would sell sooner if required

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